Nov 20 - What's the Scoop? Fall/Winter update

Wow where has the time gone? After taking some time off from our busy summer, let's get some up updates from the SwitchGear camp shall we?

Big news! SwitchGear teamed up with the City of Cornwall and Playmaker Studios to make our debut video come to life! Yes indeed, goto youtube and check it out or have a look around the website, it's posted a few times haha. We hope you guys like it!

With the nice weather, Xmas season will prove to be a busy month as we have a bunch of shows lined up in December. Hopefully you GearHeadz will be able to come and check us out and say Hi!

We are also working hard on our upcoming summer festival season and....hrmm, we can smell the ribs and pulled pork now ;)

BTW, have you purchased our debut CD yet? You can sample the tunage on our home page, how sweet is that!

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